Standing Land offers 1-on-1 consultations in a professional and inspired atmosphere where you may identify your health goals and then meet them with plant therapeutics and your willingness to grow. The herbalist will listen to a person talk about their experiences and ask questions about all the systems of the body, as well as a person's preferences, to form a more complete landscape of each individual. Recommendations are based on this conversation. At its heart, the consultation is an educational partnership based in the exchange of information. The intentional and gentle use of herbs to support health is both an ancient art and a precise science. The herbalist offers advice on the use of plants, food and lifestyle to support your particular life-stage and acute situation.


Susan is currently practicing out of the Burlington Herb Clinic located at 280 Battery St in Burlington, VT. Consultations & more information can be found here:

Some in-person consultation available for those living in Westchester/ Putnam area of New York. Please contact Standing Land directly for more information.

Initial consults:

At this time we begin the conversation. Clients introduce themselves and begin to tell their health story. Areas of focus are identified and preliminary suggestions are offered. After the session Susan will craft discussed preparations. Herbs are most often offered in the form of tincture (alcohol extraction), teas and/or powders. Initial consultations usually span 1.5-2 hours in length.


 Follow-ups are an important opportunity for client and practitioner to review progresses, questions, concerns and inspirations that have arisen since the last visit. Formulas may be tweaked to better match client, as goals are reached, new goals arise and circumstances change. New information may also become relevant to support wellness such as guidance on life-style choices during seasonal changes. Follow-ups typically last 30min- 1 hour depending on the circumstances and the time since the last visit.


The herbalist does not treat or diagnose disease, instead focusing on the support of function, structure, and at times, spirit. We will work together in assisting the body as it adapts more effectively to circumstances.


The ultimate goal is always to assist in your personal healing process.